ECA Services

ECA works with the global industry’s leading investors, institutions, developers, designers, licensors, and operators to support business planning across multiple stages of a project’s development, from program strategy and global benchmarking to market prioritization and project feasibility.

Strategy+Program Planning

  • Attraction Program Strategies
  • Branding and IP Considerations
  • Attendance Drivers
  • Visitor Profiles
  • Revenue Opportunities
  • Core Destination Elements
  • Phasing Options

Global Benchmarking

  • Program Mix and Scale
  • Performance and Operating Metrics (Pricing, Visitor Mix, Attendance, Sizing)
  • Revenue Drivers, Mix, and Scale
  • Investment Ranges

Market Prioritization

  • Scale and Profile of Resident and Tourist Markets
  • Competitive Market
  • Planned Developments
  • Rollout Strategy for Multi-Unit Concepts

Feasibility + Destination Development

  • Concept and Site Evaluation
  • Available Market Definition
  • Comparable Benchmarking
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Attendance Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and ROI
  • Feasibility Analysis for Other Hospitality and Retail